Danny Rivera in the Dominican Republic

Danny Rivera’s social activism in the Dominican Republic began soon after his first visit to the country. It has involved everything from performing free concerts to serving as a liaison with national and international institutions.

While on tour in different parts of the country, he has brought medical attention and other services to children’s homes and centers for the elderly in some of the Dominican Republic’s neediest communities. 

He has worked to foster social awareness and support for the construction of the first home for children with AIDS in the Dominican Republic.

In collaboration with Salesian priests, he made the first delivery of school supplies and toys to more than 7,000 children in the sugarcane villages of Barahona.

He has participated in numerous keynote lectures in communities and at public and private institutions to help the disadvantaged.

For more than fifteen years, he has continued the tradition of handing out toys during the celebration of Vieja Belén (the first Sunday after January 6th, Three Kings’ Day) to underprivileged communities all over the country.

For more than twenty years, he has helped students obtain financial aid for elementary school, high school and college. 

1996: In Capotillo Dajabon (on the border with Haiti), Rivera delivers toys to more than 3,000 children and raises the national flag.

1997: Rivera organizes and sponsors the 1st Ecology Festival and Livestock Fair in Los Dajaos. The event attracts more than 4,000 visitors from across the country and serves as an example for other communities from the Dominican Republic to host their own. 

2003: Rivera performs at a concert to raise funds for the victims of Jimani (a community struck by flooding on the border with Haiti)

2004: Rivera sponsors the construction of an elementary school in Villa Altagracia in collaboration with the Fenton Foundation.

2007: The Dominican Ministry of the Environment names Rivera patron of Sierra de Bahoruco.

2007-present: Rivera serves as patron of the Coffee Festival in Polo, Barahona.

2008: The Attorney General of the Dominican Republic appoints Rivera as honorary cultural advisor in the design of the new penitentiary system. The appointment is the result of Rivera’s social and educational work with inmates at different prisons across the country.  

2009: Rivera is chosen to join the Board of Directors of a Dominican university, the Fernando A. Meriño Universidad Agroforestal y Ecológica.

2011: The National Counsel of Drugs recognizes Rivera for his contributions to drug prevention among Dominican youth.

2012: Rivera organizes and sponsors the Second Nature Festival and Livestock Fair in Los Dajaos. The event attracts more than 2,000 visitors from across the country and as part of the event an ecological amphitheater is built for use by the community and the province. 

2013: Rivera’s own foundation, Arte de Paz, joins forces with the foundations Manitas en las Calles and Lomas Verdes to begin construction on a school, health clinic, virtual classroom and sports fields for the underprivileged community El Paragua in Tireo Arriba, Constanza. Private companies and individual donors are also contributing to the project.


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