“Reading is culture.”

Editorial Makarios

Editorial Makarios, which means “blessed” in Greek, is a publishing house founded in 1998 as part of the inspiring Borinquen Vive project. It is headquartered in Puerto Rico and presided by Puerto Rico’s national singer, Danny Rivera. The goal of the publishing house is to work with Caribbean authors to foster and promote the literature of Puerto Rico. In May 2000, Editorial Makarios was awarded the Best Caribbean Publishing House award and the Best Cultural Show award for Quisqueya Preciosa.

The publishing house’s motto is Reading is Culture and one of its goals is to encourage reading among children, youth and adults. This goal is based on the belief that reading is live entertainment that enriches and strengthens intellect, imagination, creativity and the spirit of our people.

Editorial Makarios presents its latest project, a new book entitled Vejestud by Puerto Rico’s national singer, Danny Rivera.

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